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In our services on Life saving equipment and Fire fighting equipment, we are able towork onboard at anytime and anywhere supported by our ever-expanding network ofpartners, and with approval from several classification bodies of IACS ( LLyod, ABS,BV, DNV-GL, KR, LR, NK, RINA & BTKP ), to make sure our customers can achieve theright standard of safety.
PT.Hansway Safetindo Bahari is continuously expanding itsnetwork of service and supply to our customers throughout the region and beyond.

Service Station for LSA (Life Saving Appliances) & FFA

A Service Station for Life-Saving Appliances (LSA) is a facility that provides maintenance, inspection, testing, and certification services for life-saving equipment used on ships and other marine vessels. Life-saving appliances are critical for ensuring the safety of crew members, passengers, and others on board in case of emergencies at sea

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Supplier Safety Equipment

Safety equipment refers to various devices, gear, and protective items designed to safeguard individuals from potential hazards and ensure their well-being in various environments, workplaces, or activities. The use of safety equipment is essential in preventing injuries and accidents and is often mandated by regulations and standards in different industries.

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Load Testing

Load testing is a type of performance testing that involves assessing the behavior and performance of a system or application under simulated real-world load conditions. The purpose of load testing is to determine the system’s ability to handle the expected number of users, transactions, or data processing within acceptable response times.


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Lifting Gear Inspection

Lifting gear inspection is a crucial safety practice in industries that use lifting equipment and devices to move heavy loads. The purpose of these inspections is to ensure that the lifting gear is in proper working condition, free from defects, and safe to use. Regular inspections help prevent accidents, injuries, and potential damage to both personnel and equipment

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NDT (Non-Destructive Test)Services

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is a group of techniques used to inspect and evaluate materials, components, or structures without causing damage to the tested item. These methods are employed to ensure the integrity, reliability, and safety of various products and assets.

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Marine Inspection Services

Marine Inspection Services refer to the inspection and assessment of various marine vessels, facilities, and related equipment to ensure compliance with safety, regulatory, and environmental standards. These inspections are critical for maintaining the integrity and safety of marine operations and protecting the environment.

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