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Fire Detection & Alarm System

A Fire Detection and Alarm System (FDAS) is a critical safety system designed to detect the presence of fire or smoke and promptly alert building occupants and emergency response teams. It is a crucial component of fire protection in commercial buildings, industrial facilities, residential spaces, and public areas. The primary functions of a Fire Detection and Alarm System include early detection, notification, and facilitating a timely response to potential fire incidents.

When the Fire Detection and Alarm System detects smoke, heat, or flames, it triggers the alarm and initiates evacuation procedures to ensure the safety of occupants. The system’s early warning capabilities are essential for providing adequate time for evacuation and allowing emergency responders to address the situation promptly, minimizing the potential impact of the fire. Regular testing, inspection, and maintenance of the FDAS are crucial to ensure its reliability and effectiveness in protecting lives and property.

Our Inspections :
  • Conventional and addressable Fire Alarm Panel
  • Conventional & Addressable Smoke & Heat Detector, Manual Call Point & Bell Alarm
  • Standalone Smoke & Heat Detector
  • Twin Spot Led Emergency Light
  • Fire Sprinkler

Alarm System

10 years Standalone heat detector

TYPE : model AW-D615

Conventional Smoke Detector

TYPE : (LPCB approved) with base, modelAW-CSD381
SIZES : 2 inch

Conventional Smoke and Heat

TYPE : detector with base , modelAW-D138C

Conventional Heat Detector

TYPE : (LPCB Approved) with base, model AW-CTD382 

Standalone battery smoke detector

TYPE : (LPCB Approved) with base, TUV approved ,model AW-D611

Standalone battery heat detector

TYPE :  TUV approved, model AW-D612


Conventional flash light red color 24V

TYPE : model AWCFL2166

Conventional manual call point (LPCB approved)

TYPE : model AW-D135C

Conventional manual push station

TYPE : model AW-CMC2166-6


Convetional Fire Bell

TYPE : model AW-CBL2166-6 (DC/AC)
SIZES : 220V 6 inch & 24V 6 inch

Conventional Strobe Sounder

TYPE : model AW-CSS2166-2

Conventional Strobe Sounder Waterproof

TYPE : model AW-CSS2166-4(Waterproof)

Conventional Strobe Sounder Small

TYPE : model AW-CSS2166-3 – Small

Fire Box

TYPE : Carbon Steel
SIZES :41x54x17cm;46x55x19cm

Fire Hose Reel

TYPE : –

SIZES : 1inch x 30Mtr C/ W ACC

Conventional fire alarm

TYPE : Panel 4 zone (LPCB approved) modelAW-CFP2166-4 C/w Battery